Factory seconds (or blems) are products that have minor blemishes but are otherwise fully functional.  The Rohan Dish Drainer consists of the drain board, dish rack and a cutlery holder.  Factory seconds have minor scratches, tiny dings, or uneven finish.  The blemishes are not easily noticeable when the item is in use.   The lifetime warranty still applies although it does not cover cosmetic blemishes on factory seconds.  These products can be returned for a full refund if not fully satisfied.  Shipping fees are not refundable.  

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From the review on thesweethome.com

If you want a dish rack that you’ll never have to replace, you should get the Zojila Rohan. For the steep price, you get a rack made almost completely out of high-quality thick-gauge stainless steel—only the feet are not. It’s compatible with all overmount sinks on the market, even the porcelain ones with the highest lip. The stainless steel drain tray is the most steeply angled out there and drains more effectively than all of the other racks we considered. Amazingly, the rack was completely dry after five hours, while most others, including the main pick, still had a small amount of water remaining after eight hours. The rack works for any sink and comes with a lifetime warranty. It holds the same amount of dishes as our main pick and our runner-up and has a smaller footprint than either of them.

This high-quality stainless steel model drains much more effectively than anything else out there and holds the same amount of dishes as our main pick, but it costs nearly twice as much.

Rusting, broken parts, and rapid mold growth due to poor drainage are common grievances for the vast majority of dish racks out there. One of the few that tackles these problems head-on is the Zojila Rohan. Yes, $90 is more than many people are willing to pay for a dish rack, but if you are sick of dealing with the usual shortcomings or can’t find a rack that will work with the raised lip of your sink, the Zojila is the way to go. It works for any sink.

This dish rack is made of very thick, heavy-duty stainless steel wire, and it’s the only rack that has a solid stainless steel drain board. In fact, the only part of this rack that’s not stainless steel are the little rubber feet. The drain board is pitched at the steepest angle among the racks out there for the most effective draining. And because it retained significantly less water during our testing, the Zojila also dried in half the time as the other racks. The rack also comes with a lifetime warranty.

As with all of the other dish racks, there are downsides. It didn’t make top pick because of the price, above all. Also, the Zojila’s thick-gauged steel wire might be a little hard on some dishes—it flaked off a little of the enamel on a Le Creuset pot (but that’s not an item we would generally dry in a dish rack, we should note) and scraped a bit unpleasantly against some plates, but that didn’t seem to be an issue for most users leaving reviews.

If you can ignore the water spots, you could probably get away with cleaning this thing once or twice a year.

A few reviewers complained about smaller items slipping out the sides, since there’s no railing that wraps around the rack, but on balance, this seems like an issue that can be anticipated so as to be avoided. If you live in an area with hard water, you will have to deal with some water spots, and fingerprints also show, but mold and gunk should be far less of a problem. (Fingerprints can be prevented, too, with a super-thin coat of mineral oil, as described in our kitchen trash can guide.) If you can ignore the water spots, you could probably get away with cleaning this thing once or twice a year. Reviewers also like that the divider in the utensil holder can be removed for easier cleaning, and that the utensil holder can be placed anywhere on the rack, inside or out.

This product fills a much-felt vacuum in the market for a stainless steel dish rack and drain board. 
To date, it is the only stainless steel dish rack drainer that automatically drains water into the sink. 
You will never again have unhealthy pools of water collecting in your drain tray and you will never have to empty it either. You can say goodbye to unsightly and discolored plastic boards.

This rugged self draining drain board keeps itself dry and clean while adding great style to your counter top. The open design of the plate rack allows for pots and pans in addition to dishes of all sizes and shapes. It has large capacity and gracefully curved lines. The cutlery and utensil holder also has large capacity and can also be hung outside the dish rack to create even more room inside. The feet are provided with plastic covers to make them slip resistant and prevent marking the counter top. The dish drain can be placed on either side of the sink and the dish rack can be reversed to have the plate compartment near or away from user. The drain board, dish rack and cutlery holder can be easily separated.

This is not a folding or collapsible dish rack.  Nor is it an in-sink dish drying rack.  This dish drying rack sits next to the kitchen sink and drains water from your dishes to the sink. We think it is most useful if left on the counter.  It is a compact dish drainer and takes up very little space on the counter since it uses the full depth of the counter.  A hanging sponge holder, Khiva, is available as an accessory.  This sponge holder hangs on the frame of the Rohan and drains into the sink.

The value of the Rohan dish drainer is realized when comparing it to other products in the market.  Comparably priced dish racks made by others have plastic drain trays and  plastic or bamboo cutlery holders. Another manufacturer sells a stainless steel dish rack for a similar price, but the main drawback of this design is that it has a drain tray that collects water, instead of draining it to the sink. This inevitably leads to a very sore sight with pools of collected water and soap scum floating on top.  Stagnant water can cause inferior quality stainless steels to rust.

Plastic drain trays and cutlery holders will need to be replaced every 4-5 years because they become unsightly and impossible to clean.  The all-stainless construction of the Rohan dish drainer means that it will last you a lifetime with no deterioration in its looks.  Stainless steel is a very durable material and is easily restored to its like-new condition.  You would be spending a lot more on replacing plastic every few years, not to mention adding to the landfills.  Stainless steel is easily recycled compared to plastic and is also not derived from petroleum like plastic.

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  • Large capacity...can hold 13 dishes, 6 full size tumblers, over 100 cutlery pieces.
  • Open design of rack allows placement of pots and pans.
  • Cutlery holder can be hung outside the rack to create more room inside for tumblers.
  • Sideways design utilizes the full depth of counter while taking up only 13 inches of counter length, a huge advantage in kitchens with little counter space.
  • Rack can be positioned two ways to have tumbler compartment near or away from user.
  • Drainer can be placed on left or right side of sink.
  • Drainboard is raised on legs to clear raised edge of all types of kitchen sinks in the market.
  • Raised design keeps underside dry and allows cleaning
  • Drain board continuously drains water to sink, water does not collect in a tray.
  • Draining is automatic, no plugs to open or spouts to position.
  • 4-piece design allows for easy cleaning while in place by the sink
  • Drain board and cutlery holder have brushed finish while dish rack is polished.
  • Except for protective foot covers, item is fully made of 18-8 stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean and product will look like new even after years of use.
  • Hanging sponge holder, Khiva, available as accessory

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Rohan Dish Drainer - Factory Second

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