This is a set of 3 stainless steel racks that can be put inside a standard 21 inch wall mounted kitchen cabinet.  It does not include the cabinet. The racks replace the shelves in your cabinet to instantly convert it into a combination dish drying and plate storage rack.  If you hand wash a lot and find yourself running out of room on your counter top or in-sink dish rack, this cabinet dish rack might be the perfect solution.  It is best to put in plates and other items after they have drained for a few minutes on your counter top or in-sink rack.  The cabinet dish rack set does come with a plastic tray that sits at the bottom to catch any drops of water that drip. The set consists of 3 racks, the top one being designed to hold plates vertically.  It can also hold items flat on the rack wires.  The middle and lower ones can be used for tumblers and other items.  You can place an optional utensil tray (model Palena) on these racks.
Dimensions and Materials:

Bottom rack: 19.25 x 10.563 x 1.5 inches.  The bottom rack has its own feet which is why it is 1.5 inches high and does not need pegs in the cabinet to support it.  Material: 18-8 stainless;  Finish: Glossy

Middle rack: 19.25 x 10.563 x 0.5 inches.  The middle rack has to be supported on the pegs in the cabinet wall.  Material: 18-8 stainless;  Finish: Glossy

Top rack: 19.25 x 10.563 x 2 inches. The wine glass holder extends 1.5 inches below this rack.  This rack also uses the cabinet pegs.  Material: 18-8 stainless;  Finish: Glossy

Drain tray: 17.5 x 10 x 1.125 inches;  Material: Polypropylene; Color: Black

The inside dimensions of the cabinet should not be smaller than the dimensions of the racks but can be bigger by up to 0.25 inches.  The racks can sit on the pegs or dowels of the cabinet.

The inside height of the cabinet should ideally be not less than 27 inches.  In order to take the drain tray out, there should be a clear width of at least 17.75 inches with the door open.  The door hinges may protrude into this 17.75 inch opening as long as they are at least 1.5 inches above the floor of the cabinet.

If you have a cabinet that is much wider, say at least 24 inches, you can put the Patagonia dish drainer inside it.  The Patagonia uses the same racks as the Cabana, but has its own side frames to support the racks.

The extra width of a 24 inch cabinet can be used for storing cutting boards vertically.

This product has material content sourced from China and some labor content from USA.

The racks are designed to replace the shelves of standard 21 inch wall mounted kitchen cabinets.  They will not fit smaller cabinets but can be used in cabinets larger than 21 inch by adding the side frames.  If you plan on using these racks in cabinets larger than 21 inch, order the Patagonia 3-tier dish rack instead, which includes the side frames which hold the racks.

Standard kitchen cabinets come with pre-drilled holes on the sides into which you can insert pegs.  You can use the existing pegs or use new ones available at hardware stores.  You can adjust the spacing between the racks by putting the pegs at different levels.  The bottom rack does not need pegs since it has legs of its own and sits on the floor panel of the cabinet.  The drip tray slips underneath the bottom rack.  It is a low profile tray and hardly visible.  It can be taken out without removing the racks.

Please note that your cabinets should have sufficient height to be able to make full use of these in-cabinet euro style racks.  Since the racks are easily removable for washing, you can even use them as an in-cabinet pasta drying rack to keep your pasta dust free.

If you happen to have cabinets that are directly over your kitchen sink, you can install these racks to convert your cabinet into a concealed dish draining cabinet.  If the width does not exactly match the width of the racks, you can install a strip of wood or metal brackets and then put the racks on top.

All racks are made of 18-8 stainless steel with a glossy finish.

Plate rack holds 15 plates or pots and pans.

Includes integral wine glass rack.

Includes plastic drip tray.

Racks have raised edge to prevent items falling out.

Optional cutlery tray (model Palena) available.

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Cabana In-cabinet Dish Drying and Storage Rack

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