Lighting the world and lives

The earth has so much to offer us besides being our home and sustenance. It has enough wind to power all our electrical needs, enough thermal energy deep within to heat all our homes and enough sunlight to light our world.....if we would only take advantage of it.  Instead we rip the earth apart, remove entire forests and mountains for the coal deep down, pollute entire coastlines and oceans for the oil, polluting while we extract it and then polluting again while we burn it.

Zojila salutes this little known initiative from India that is making a difference in a Gandhian way.

Since 2004, the Barefoot College, in Tilonia, India, has trained about 250 illiterate and semiliterate women from rural, unelectrified villages in 41 countries to be solar engineers. After six months of training, these women have provided more than 15,500 houses with solar electricity in their home countries. The government of India covers all expenses—245,000 rupees (about $4,400) per woman, plus airfare. The college has trained an additional 700 men and women from rural India, including Moceiwasa's teachers.