Is it good to know your lifespan?

Telomeres can be likened to caps at the end of a shoe lace.  They pretty much perform the same function as in the case of the shoe lace, namely to prevent fraying. Scientists have known for some time now that the length and integrity of these protective caps determines how long you can live healthy. When the telomeres become weak or damaged, conditions of old age such as Alzheimers and cancer can set in.

telomeres are like shoe lace ends

Now scientists have a way of determining the condition of your telomeres and thereby predicting your life span. We are all aware that our lifespan also depends on other factors such as one's lifestyle, eating habits and activity level.  Would knowing the life span encourage people to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle or would it lead to gloom and depression? In any case, it would probably help to plan one's life better.

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