Zojila ‘Rohan’ dish drainer

The Zojila 'Rohan' dish drainer continues to win fans all over the world.  This year we had customers from as far away as Cyprus, Australia and New Zealand, who paid even more in shipping costs than the cost of the product to have it shipped to them.  It continues to be the only fully stainless self draining dish drainer in the world.  The fully stainless steel dish drainer has a drain board, dish rack and a cutlery or utensil holder, all designed to be very functional and easy to use.  Its minimalistic style definitely makes a statement in any kitchen. Users have fallen in love with this product and tell us how easy it is to use and how much they enjoy doing the dishes by hand now.  Please post your own observations, pictures and suggestions about the 'Rohan' dish drainer here.

zojila 'rohan' dish drainer


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  1. zojila says:

    We have designed a new and improved cutlery holder which we will make available as an accessory. Do post here if you would like to be notified when it is available.